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Gaia Soul: A System of Support & Resources

Gaia Soul is all about bringing a better world into existence by meeting you wherever you find yourself on the journey of life and sharing resources to help you navigate the path ahead. While change has always been a certainty for life on our planet, the current scale of environmental and social change we are witnessing is unprecidented in human history.  As each of us begins to realize the shared threats, challenges, and opportunities this moment in time presents, easy access to healing, supportive, insightful, and inspirational resources are urgently needed.

Our goal is to meet you where you are and connect you with resources that address your needs.  Often an understanding of needs begins with recognizing feelings. Gaia Soul was born from feelings of enthusiasm, curiosity, yearning, and isolation, pointing towards needs of connection, cooperation, participation, understanding, inspiration, and meaning.  Our resources are intended to address needs and are organized into 5 main categories.


We are inseparably linked to the systems and species of our shared planet. Deeper connections with nature support healthier minds, bodies, and environments.


Technology and transportation have created a more connected planet, yet we often find ourselves feeling more isolated and alone. Cultivating relationships and communities based on empathy, compassion, and love are necessary to create a more just and peaceful future.


While many of us may be short on time and resources, we are often still called to act.  Possibilities of action for all skills, passions, limitations, and locations exist.


We can’t solve problems without understanding them, can’t imagine a new future without knowledge of the solutions, can’t find resources if we don’t know they exist. 

Inner Work

Spirituality, balance, inner peace, soul craft, greater purpose…. Inner work opens space for progress down any life path.

Gaia Soul was created in response not to a dearth of useful resources, but to an inability to access them. If you would like to contribute by sharing useful resources please visit our Forem or contact us to get more involved. The solutions required to create a brighter future are within our grasp today. We need only illuminate them, weave them into our collective vision, and start writing the new story of what it means to be human.