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Let's Build The Future Together

Inspiration for Gaia Soul began with a desire to connect with others around shared challenges and possible solutions.  Our goal is to connect you with the resources you need to find what your heart is seeking.  We offer many paths to finding community, including volunteer resource guides to offer input if you get stuck.

Gaia Soul Connection Forem - Community

The Connection Forem is a place to share events, organizations, and ideas; the community tag is a good place to start.

Join Our Discord Server

We’ve setup a discord server to offer chat by text, voice, or video. This is one way to find a Resource Guide.

Contact a Resource Guide

Sometimes it’s difficult to find or even know exactly what we’re looking for. Our volunteer Resource Guides will take the time to listen to your challenges and try to point you towards useful resources. We offer 4 ways to contact a Resource Guide:
1.  Our Discord Server or as a Discord Guest
2. The Facebook Messenger widget in the bottom right corner
3. An encrypted Signal Group
4. Send an email to

Join the Gaia Soul Team

Interested in helping us create, support, or maintain Gaia Soul services? Please reach out using one of the same methods available in the “contact a resource guide” above. 

Attend a Weekly Sharing Circle

Our free, weekly, sharing circles are all about opening our hearts and building community.  Currently event details are hosted here, on Eventbrite.  Please complete our availability survey if our current times don’t work for you.